Our modular 10 unit OCE Generating Farm

The first commercial OCETM generating system will be based on the our 1 MW generator. It's similar in size to a minivan. At the front is a turbine bladed assembly, much like large fan blades. The moving water rotates these turbine blades and it is that forced rotation of the blades that is converted into electricity by our patented electrical generators. The generated electricity from each individual unit is then collected and brought to shore by undersea power cables.

H-EF, along with our site development partners, plans to provide the operation and maintenance functions for all of our OCETM farms. We will arrange to sell the produced electricity through common PPA type contracts to the utility end users.

An artist's rendering of a base 10 unit generating farm. The output would be: 10 MW per hour, 24/7/365 or 85,906,800 kWhs per year.

Our 98% production vs. the 25% expected renewable production.