Our Journey to now

John E. Tharp first envisioned deriving renewable energy from ocean currents many years ago. Having earned degrees in Architecture and Building Construction, with emphasis on advanced engineering principals, he relied on his background and years of completing successful multi-million dollar development projects to envision how the OCETM  underwater power generating installations could be designed, assembled, grouped, deployed, and interconnected, thus utilizing the untapped power of the constant ocean currents around the world.

Four major patents in this new hydro-kinetic renewable energy sector were issued to Mr.Tharp. These four patents effectively gave Hydro-Electric Farms, Inc. significant control over this emerging renewable energy industry.

A prototype of the generator and turbine bladed system was built and tested. These tests demonstrated "proof of concept" for the completed technology. This unit was amazingly able to generate usable electricity with the available, (only 9/10 tenths of a mile per hour), water current. The turbine blades were turning at less than 30 rpm. This is one major advantage of our OCE technology, slow blade speeds, with large rotational torque, which drives our patented electrical generators.