Suitable locations for our H-EF installations only need to meet (3) three basic criteria:

1) sites must have a nearby ocean current.

2) sites must be a reasonable distance from power grids.

3) site studies must project a need for new power generation, or the need to transition from fossil fuel generation to clean renewable energy.

The total market for new power, in a small ( 12 site ) market sample, over the next three years, is projected to be 1,323 Megawatts. If renewable energy provides less than 1/2 of that increase in generation, then the renewable power generation would total 621 Megawatts. We believe that our technology would be selected more that 1/2 of the time, (being the cheapest and the only constant renewable production source). Our share of this projected power generation would be 310.5 Megawatts. To meet just these projected (12 sites) needs, we would have to deploy at least 32 of our ten unit, 10 MW modular farms. This shows there is a huge untapped market for our systems.