The Hydro-Electric Farms, Inc. business model is to contract for, build, deploy, and then sell the renewable power we produce at each developed generating farm. H-EF will also, in conjuction with our individual site development partners, preform the operating and manintenance roles for our all of our OCE energy farms. We anticipate long term power purchase type agreements with the host site's energy off-taker for the produced power.

Hydro-Electric Farms will market our installations in both domestic and foreign markets. (Foreign installations may prove to be our first markets). In some foreign markets electric power is incredibly scarce and expensive. Foreign placement of our generators would also qualify the developed farm for financing from; the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, etc. Our generating farms will be especially benificial to many nations that do not have affordable and reliable energy generation sources.

We have projected our manufacturing and early deployments for the first 5 years. We have calculated the returns for our investors and the projected revenues for a typical 10 unit OCE generating farm. The returns for equity investors in this ramp up funding phase are extraordinary. (H-EF is projected to become profitable with just the first farm's financial package). The site development partners, are also rewarded for their local development investments. We welcome all (equity / partnerships / collaborators  / or (individual site development) investor inquiries.

(This is not a solicitation, nor offer of any kind, but it is an offer to further discuss our current investment opportunity, with interested qualified investors).

 We Have Projected An Amazing Corporate Growth Curve