Our generation advantage over other renewable energy forms will result in a high demand for our OCETM energy installations. These advantages are easy to understand. Solar and Wind power represent about 75% of the renewable energy market, but these forms of renewable power do not generate constant power. Our OCE renewable energy is base load power, delivered 24/7/365. Therefore our modular 10MW farm sounds small, but produces the same amount of power per day as a 40MW Solar, Wind, Tidal, or Wave installation. This makes our CAPEX numbers more favorable than other forms of renewable energy. Our produced constant energy has the lowest cost per kWh of all modern renewable energy sources.

Another advantage is that our farms are deeply submerged. The locations we’ve identified as future (12) sites, are also tourist destinations. Other renewable generation types are large land users and eyesores. By being deeply submerged, our OCE energy farms are also naturally protected from storms and shipping.

A view of our typical energy installation

Views of other's typical energy installations